Friday, October 14, 2011

Tennessee wary of Ware, LSU running game

Derek Dooley and the Tennessee Volunteers know they need to be concerned with LSU's stable of running backs, especially Spencer Ware.
Leading the No. 1-ranked Tigers with 432 yards rushing and five scores, Ware is looking to punish the Vols defenders, like he does other opponents.

“If you come as hard as you can, full throttle, with it in your mind that, ‘You can’t tackle me,’ then you will break a tackle,” Ware told the Washington Post recently. “Every time you have the ball you have to have the mentality that you want to score, not just, ‘Oh, it’s a defender in front of me and I might get tackled.’”
For the second week in a row, the Tigers face an SEC team without their starting quarterback. Last week, John Brantley was out for Florid as LSU cruised to a 41-11 win.
This week the Vols are without starter signal caller Tyler Bray, who has a hand injury. Tennessee coach Dooley says there won't be any excuses.

"I don't care how many guys we lose, we're still Tennessee," Dooley said, according to the Times Picayune newspaper. "We fought (LSU) good last year. I know this: If we don't come believing we can win and playing to our capacity, then it's going to look like what happened last week. They are going to embarrass you."

“We just don’t look good, and we’ve just got to go out there and hit people and stick our pads down and run,” Dooley was quoted as saying. “That’s what good running teams do, and we’re just going to keep working on it.”

But the Vols better beware of Ware.

“Spencer just wears people down,” LSU offensive guard Will Blackwell told the Post. “He might be 225 pounds, but I swear he runs like he’s about 260 and when you’ve got a guy coming at you full-speed 20 times a game you’re going to get tired.”

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