Sunday, March 08, 2009

Les Miles: Starting Lineup up for Grabs

LSU football Coach Les Miles said nearly all the starting jobs are open to competition as spring football drills begin.
That means if you saw a starter last year and he's back with the team, he may not be starting this year, including at quarterback.
Going 8-5 a year after winning the national championship will do that to you. Now, the honeymoon is over.

Sophomore Jordan Jefferson will battle the nation's No. 1-rated dual-threat quarterback prospect, true freshman Russell Shepard for head signal-caller, with the transer of Andrew Hatch and the possible third-stringer Jarrett Lee.

New defensive coaches will also bring a new look to the Tigers of '09. But will it mean more wins?


Anonymous said...

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The Real Deal said...

LSU will get their swagger back this year. I know the QB situation is up in the air, but honestly it's Jefferson or Lee, not Shepard. He just isn't ready yet. With that said, he will get on the field one way or another.

I'm excited for the defense. New coord. John Chavis is pretty special.

The Love Collective said...

@the Real Deal: Let's hope so.

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