Friday, April 27, 2007

Why JaMarcus Russell is better than Brady Quinn

When it came time to create a list of plays for Russell to run in front of dozens of NFL scouts and executives last month, celebrity QB coach Tom Martinez went with the taboo as their grand finale. Russell rolled right, and his receiver broke that way, too, before switching direction.

"JaMarcus threw it 70 yards and completed it," Martinez said. "It was unbelievable, unbelievable. You could hear this "Ahhhh" coming from all the NFL people."

People make a big fuss over what 'one-game-does-not-make-a-season" Sugar Bowl, where LSU promptly decimated a much bally-hooed Notre Dame squad. As they say on "Cold Pizza," JaMarcus Russell "got" to play againt Notre Dame, whereas Brady Quinn "had" to play against LSU. Hogwash. JaMarcus Russell is a specimen of a quarterback and will be waaaay more successful than Brady Quinn. Albeit, Russell is still a prospect, his upside is exponentially greater than Quinn's. If the Raiders don't take him, they'll pay for it in victories, and maybe Super Bowl berths.
But let's look at a few numbers, shall we?

It's true that Quinn had the better season statistical-wise. But JaMarcus threw the ball 30 times or more only 5 times (against the likes of Tennessee, Florida and Auburn). Quinn threw it that many times 11 times last season (his best game was against the likes of North Carolina, where he threw for 346). He eclipsed the 300-yard mark a few other times, notably against Purdue and Michigan State, not world beaters, folks. Russell threw for 332 yards against the vaunted Notre Dame defense, and RESTED FOR MUCH OF THE FOURTH QUARTER. Brady Quinn threw for 148, despite the fact that Notre Dame came out throwing in the second half to catch up on the scoreboard.

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